Vintage Baking Turkey Free Clip Art Digital Illustration

vintage baking turkey thanksgiving image digital clipart
vintage baking illustration

Perfect for either Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday crafting projects, this digital baking clip art download will add lots of vintage charm to your projects. This stylishly designed vintage baking image is of a woman baking a turkey. The simple line designs around the baking image make it a wonderful border design for holiday projects. Put this baking clip art on your handmade greeting cards, holiday party invitations, or recipe cards for a touch of vintage beauty.

digital baking clip art download .png

Vintage Perched Bird Image Transfer Barn Swallow Sparrow Artwork Illustrations

bird image digital transfer artwork illustration clipart
vintage bird artwork illustration image

bird sparrow transfer digital image illustration clipart
vintage bird artwork illustration image

These are two vintage digital bird clip art downloads created from natural history illustrations. The first digital bird image is of a Barn Swallow perched on a branch. And, the second digital bird image is of a Sparrow perched on a branch. These digital bird transfers are perfect for image transfer crafting projects, such as tea towels, pillows, and quilt blocks.

vintage bird artwork illustration downloads .png

Free Printable Daisy Wildflower Artwork Illustration Botanical Clip Art

flower daisy illustration digital transfer image vintage
vintage daisy varieties illustration image

Today I've posted an awesome, detailed digital flower clip art download of daisies. I created this digital flower artwork from an old seed catalog illustration showing the many Daisy varieties sold in the catalog. The flower artwork is stunning and visually attractive! Color all of these lovely daisies and decorate handmade greeting cards, gift tags, invitations, and so much more!

digital Daisy artwork illustration download .png

Printable Transfer Flower Carnation Artwork Botanical Illustration Digital Clip Art

flower carnation botanical artwork illustration digital clipart
Carnation flower artwork illustration

This is stunningly detailed digital flower clip art of Carnations. I created this digital flower artwork download from a vintage seed catalog illustration. Colored and decorating the front of a handmade greeting card, this digital Carnation image would make a very special and charming crafting project.

digital Carnation artwork image download .png

Antique Teapot Image Transfer Download Botanical Design Silver

teapot kitchen image antique illustration digital transfer
antique silver teapot illustration image

I would love enjoying this vintage silver teapot with a cut of tea! Today I've posted a beautiful vintage teapot clip art download of a very pretty silver teapot decorated with engraved floral designs. This digital teapot artwork would be so lovely on tea party invitations or gift tags. And, as a digital transfer for crafting tea towels or pillows, this vintage teapot image would be wonderful.

antique teapot image download .png

Free Vintage Fruit Pear Image Botanical Transfer Artwork Illustration

pear fruit artwork illustration vintage clipart digital transfer
vintage botanical pear art image

Today I've posted a gorgeously detailed vintage pear clip art illustration. This beautiful vintage pear artwork makes a perfect digital transfer image for lots of crafting projects, such as tea towels, pillows, and home decor. Even printed on beautiful white paper and framed this digital pear clip art would be stunning.

vintage pear image download .png

Free Vintage Wildflower Antique Botanical Printable Flower Artwork

flower botanical artwork digital download image wildflower
wildflower Ivy-Leaved Toadflax clip art

Today I've posted vintage wildflower botanical art of the flower, Ivy-Leaved Toadflax. This vintage flower image is wonderfully detailed and has a lightly shaded background that helps highlight the antique botanical artwork. The delicate Toadflax flowers are a pretty, light purple color.

digital wildflower artwork download .png