Digital Stock Fruit Vegetable Clip Art Antique Botanical Artwork Illustrations Collage Sheet

fruit grapes clip art artwork download illustration
digital grapes clip art

vegetable botanical clip art collage sheet download crafting
digital vegetable collage sheet clip art

Today I've posted some lovely digital botanical clip art. The first digital illustration is of a bunch of grapes on the vine. What a perfect grape image for designing a handmade label on a jar of grape jam! The second digital plant illustration is a digital collage sheet of vegetable artwork. Taken from an antique, 1890 natural history book, I created this 4" x 6" background great for all sorts of projects.

digital botanical downloads ,png

Digital Plant Clip Art Coffee Tea Botanical Antique Artwork Illustrations

coffee plant clipart illustration download antique botanical
digital coffee plant clip art

tea plant botanical antique illustration clipart download
digital tea plant clip art

Created from an 1890, Spanish natural history book, this coffee and tea botanical clip arts are perfect for designing gift tags. I've left the original descriptions, in Spanish, below each plant illustration, which I think makes the botanical downloads even more wonderfully charming.

digital botanical downloads .png

Antique Silver Teapot Illustration Collage Sheets Tea Set Kitchen Clip Art

tea teapot illustration digital download collage sheet
digital teapot collage sheet

tea teapot kitchen image download collage sheet
digital tea service collage sheet

tea teapot kitchen printable illustrations image
digital teapot collage sheet

Today I've posted an extravaganza of digital collage sheets featuring beautiful silver tea service downloadables! These digital teapot collage sheets are wonderful design elements for tea crafting projects. Tea party invitations, tea-related gift tags, tea party decorations and settings will look elegant and charming with any of these pretty, antique tea illustrations.

digital tea service collage sheet downloads .png

Digital Stock Fishing Backgrounds Fish Hooks Lures Printable Clip Art

fishing hook background digital image download crafting
digital fishing background image

fishing lure image background artwork digital download
digital fishing background image

fishing lure illustration background digital download
digital fishing background image

Today I've posted lots of delightful digital fishing background downloads of fishing hooks and lures. The first digital fishing image is a background of fishing hooks created from a page in a hardware catalog. The row of hooks in varying sizes is a very interesting design and makes a great design element or background. The second digital fishing download is of fishing lure clip art. The image shows what a display box looks like in a store. And, the third digital fishing image is of a page in a hardware catalog showing the different fishing lure available. This is a fantastic background design element for a fishing project.

digital fishing background downloads .png

Printable Free Wildflower Transfer Artwork Download Digital Flower Illustrations

wildflower image artwork digital flower download
digital wildflower clip art

flower image wildflower artwork digital download
digital wildflower clip art

Digital wildflower transfers are some of my favorite illustrations with which to create lots of pretty crafts and gifts. For almost any occassion these digital wildflower downloads are perfect for creating handmade greeting cards. The simple beauty of a flower illustration is charming and lovely just as it is. And, of course, coloring a flower illustration makes it special and unique for the recepient of your handmade gift. The first digital flower clip art is of, Henbit. The second digital flower clip art is of, Hawthorn.

digital wildflower artwork downloads .png

Digital Bird Artwork Pencil Drawing Birds Perched Tree Branch Illustration

bird branch artwork pencil drawing digital download
digital bird artwork image

birds tree artwork digital download illustration
digital bird artwork image

Today I've posted beautifully detailed digital bird downloads of pencil artwork drawings of song birds perched on branches. The first digital bird clip art is of two little bird perched on branches formed into a letter F. This digital bird image could be used as a drop cap. The second digital bird clip art is of a row of song birds perched closely togther on a thin branch, singing their morning song.

digital bird artwork downloads .png

Stock Digital Border Crafting Design Antique Artwork Printable Illustration

border image printable crafting design download
digital border design image

border crafting image download printable
digital border design image

These are intricate, delicate digital border downloads created from antique illustrations in an old, 1890 natural history book. Each border design is similar in shape and decor, but the flourishes and swirls withing the frilly edges are unique. Perfect for elegant stationary, invitations, and handmade greeting cards, these digital designs will add lots of charm and beauty to any of your projects.

digital border downloads .png